Reports (Payroll, Payouts, Classes, Students and more)

Under ‘Reporting’ there are several useful reports:

Past Orders

Search for past orders and registrations here. You can scroll to see the information or get a receipt to send. You can also click the left edit icon to view complete details and resend information.

Payout Report

This shows the money that’s been paid to you for your registrations based on your subscription level. Payouts are generated on Fridays and will be in your bank account (be sure to specify in ‘Settings - Payment Method’ to get paid!) each Monday for orders placed from the last payout until generated on Friday.

Payroll Report

Use this report to view instructor and assistant payments that are due and that have been made. To use payroll features you must select a pay rate for instructors in the class editor for each class listed and/or in the instructor profile under 'instructors' then click edit and scroll down to pay.

Upcoming Classes Report

Shows your schedule of upcoming classes and options for filtering. To edit the details of a class, click the paper/pen ‘edit’ icon on the left side of the class report.

Coupon Usage Report

View coupon usage and order details.

Upcoming Classes Report

Use this report to view a list of upcoming classes that are available through your schedule.